Writing Stories and Books For You To Read

The reason I write is to share my works and let readers, like yourself, enjoy (I hope) my stories.

On my website I offer short stories, available free to download in eBook (epub) or pdf format. There are regular additions to these, so it’s always worth subscribing to my newsletter (link above) to get updates when the next ones are on their way.

I write in many genres and hate to pigeon hole my writing, but if I must, it would be an author of literary, realistic and young adult fiction. The fascination on how our lives balance on a pinhead that could be drastically changed by circumstances outside our control inspires me to write.

One important date is the 1st January 2024. This is the date of the publication of my debut novel, The Boy who Changed his World. You can find out more about this book and get a signed copy by clicking the Novels link above.

Happy Reading

Robert Whanslaw