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Talks on the Writing and Publishing Industry

Being an author can be tough financially. Forget JK Rowling, Stephen King and Dan Brown and the dream of making the money they have made through their book sales. It ain't gonna happen. Well, it might, but for most of us, it is just a dream. But is that the reason an author writes? I would say, 'No'. At least if you are interested in writing I hope that is your answer.

I'll let you into a secret. When we were testing the market with my debut novel, 'The Boy Who Changed His World', I had personal messages telling me how affected they were by the characters in the book. The characters were alive and real and touched people. Getting feedback like this is the reason I write.

Making your first million is the hardest I have heard. The same holds true with writing your first novel and after finishing your first novel you then need to get it published.

If you are after an author who can shed light on creating your first novel and getting published I am available for interviews and talks.

I am available for talks at books fairs or interviews by Zoom. To discuss your ideas please get in contact.