Publication Date 1st January 2024

A book to add to your reading list for 2024
The Boy Who Changed His World

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The Boy Who Changed His World

A story about finding the courage to fight for what is right.

Set in the seaside town of Whitstable in 1978 during the year of the punk rock explosion.

The story of an unlikely friendship between Callum, a teenage boy, and Potts, a recluse who has shut himself off from the world. Following the death of his father, Callum has become withdrawn. He is bullied at school, and at home he witnesses domestic abuse from his stepfather towards his mum, which he is defenceless to do anything about.

Potts, an eccentric World War II veteran, encourages Callum to face life and go for what he wants and maybe even the girl, Lucy, at school he has a crush on.

As their friendship grows it reveals that it is not just Callum who faces problems. Their journey takes them to dark places they never wanted to visit, including murder.

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